Technology solutions that allow creatives, artists, entrepreneurs, and businesses to achieve their vision on the blockchain.

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Digitizing Inc is a full-service blockchain development team with offices in New York and a team around the world. Founded in 2021 by longtime crypto enthusiasts, traders and nft collectors, the company is a creative collaboration between experienced developers and friends. Our mission is to further the artistic and innovative endeavors the blockchain has inspired by providing technology solutions to all those with a vision.
Web3 Integration | Solidity Dev | Platform Integration | Strategy Consulting ERC-20 | ERC-721 | ERC -721A | ERC-1155 | Custom Smart Contracts | DAO Smart Contracts & Governance | Utility Tokens | Holder Verification | Generative Art | Web UI/UX | Discord bots
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Alex Red
Co Founder
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Neehar Banerji
Co Founder
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Michael Groysman
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George Makrinos
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Ti Peake

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Come work with us! Digitizing is currently hiring. Our main offices are in New York, but we are fully remote with employees coast to coast in the US as well as team members in India and the Phillipines.

We’re building an open, collaborative environment that encourages curiosity, and fosters learning - we truly believe there are no dumb questions. If you love to code and building on the blockchain inspires you, please apply!

Applications are welcomed at: careers@digitizing.io

business inquiries & general questions

Looking for a technology services company? Have a question about what we do? We’d love to chat.

Send us a message or email at: info@digitizing.io

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